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Kurz at CES 2022


Stunning Clarity

Dramatic depth effects, prism designs, and self-healing surfaces: With IMD DECOPUR®, KURZ has achieved a quantum leap in surface decoration. In a single highly efficient process step, components, decorations, and PUR coatings are created that develop into sensational interfaces for the mobility of tomorrow - with capacitive sensors and backlighting.

Capacitive PolyTC® sensor technology

Ultra-thin, highly transparent PolyTC® sensors enable closed fronts in the interior. Thanks to their unique metal mesh structure, they cling firmly to any surface. Applied in the patent pending Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) process, placement and execution of the sensor is reliable and easily repeatable.

Homogeneously closed

No buttons, controls, or switches interfere with the harmony of the surface. Only through touch or gesture does Shy Tech transform into high-tech.

Ambient light design

In most applications metallic finishes prevent backlighting options. Metallic transfer products, by KURZ, push the boundaries to allow for an entire component surface to be lit. This creates effective and intelligent metallic HMI solutions with limitless design potential.

Organically shaped Shy Tech surfaces

The interior of the future impresses with elegant understatement.

Next Level Convenience

Metallization with indium, as an environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating, brings fantastic reflections into the interior of tomorrow and is suitable for 5G and autonomous driving technologies. Emotional design and individual character make the interior a feel-good space.

Shy Tech and 5G

Thanks to state-of-the-art, efficient solutions, almost any interface can take over functions. Even with 5G-compatible indium metallization. This turns the interior into a multi-functional center - from the headliner to the instrument cluster, and from the door to the driver’s seat. Intelligent interfaces keep the driver in control. The latest inspiration: The design concept developed by KURZ subsidiary Schöfer and HMI system solution provider BHTC (Behr-Hella Thermocontrol).

Surfaces with no limits

Many things are possible with IMD DECOPUR®: Surfaces with polygon 3D structures and spectacular depth effects as well as integrated functions. Backlighting makes them visible and provides orientation. Surfaces decorated with PUR are very robust and even self-healing. Also, they are usable when utilizing recycled materials.

Light experiments

Light is a megatrend for automotive interiors. With emotional ambient lighting and exciting color changes, the consumer can set the scene for their vehicle making every product unique and customizable. When multi-dimensional structures, depth effects and day-night design meet, your brand becomes unmistakable.

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